COP28, controversy over the presence of oil and gas lobbyists

On the day dedicated to energy there is a number that is being talked about at COP28 in Dubai: 2456. There are many lobbyists from the fossil fuel industry present at the climate conference. Never before have so many participated in the UN summit which should find a way to abandon fossil fuels, the main causes of the climate crisis.

+400% compared to last year.

Compared to last year, oil, gas and coal representatives increased by 400%. Legitimate presences that must be involved at the transition table but which worry and trigger protests in a COP chaired by the CEO of the state oil company.

There is a draft, positions still very distant

The issue of fossil fuels remains central to the negotiations. In the last few hours, a draft has been released which essentially still sees all the options on the table. In short, it is still early to understand what direction the final text will take.

WMO: 2011-2020 warmest decade on record

Meanwhile, the World Meteorological Organization releases a new report: the period between 2011 and 2020 was the warmest decade on record. With serious impacts on extreme events, health, agriculture. Impacts that risk worsening as temperatures rise.

The Cop29 unknown

Data which also serves to put pressure on the negotiators of a COP who, among other things, will also have to decide where the next one, number 29, will be held. It would be Eastern Europe’s turn, it could be Poland, but Russia vetoes. Speaking of Russia, Vladimir Putin will be passing through these parts. But it seems unlikely that he will cross the boundaries of the conference.