Cop28, Giorgia Meloni’s selfie with Narendra Modi which relaunches the “Melodi mania”. PHOTO

Today, on the sidelines of Cop28 in Dubai (WHAT IT IS AND HOW IT WORKS), Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had a brief meeting with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The Italian leader took a selfie with her Indian counterpart. On X (the former Twitter) you posted the image with the message “Good friends at COP28” (good friends at COP28), using the hashtag #melodi, a fusion of their two surnames. Relations between Meloni and Modi are very good, as are those between Italy and India. The two leaders today expressed satisfaction with the excellent progress of bilateral relations, which have further improved after the launch of the bilateral strategic partnership last March, on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s visit to New Delhi. As proof of “Meloni’s popularity in India”, Palazzo Chigi sources report, “the attention paid by several Indian delegates, students and journalists on the sidelines of the summit” (WORLD LEADERS IN DUBAI – WHAT HAPPENED TODAY AT COP28).

The “Melodi mania”

Meloni’s selfie immediately went viral on social media and many users commented on the friendship between the two leaders. Already after the G20 in New Delhi in September, “Melodi mania” had broken out, i.e. the enthusiasm for the feeling born between the Indian Prime Minister and the Italian Prime Minister and videos and memes had circulated on social media immortalizing the two together as two great friends.