COP28, OPEC wall on fossil fuels. EU: disgusting

It’s still early to understand how it will end, but at Cop28 there are those who are showing signs of nervousness. It is OPEC, the organization that brings together 13 oil-producing countries. Together with gas and coal the main culprits of the climate crisis. After reading a draft of the text with references to the elimination of fossil fuels, the secretary of the organization wrote a letter inviting the oil states to reject any agreement that refers to “energy rather than emissions”.

“We will not go silently to our graves”

Teresa Ribera, Spanish vice-premier, speaks of a disgusting position. The leader who is currently guiding the European Union’s moves in these negotiations more than others. The Marshall Islands are not among the islands that risk disappearing due to the climate crisis: “We will not go silently to our graves”, says their Environment Minister. No surprise however from Italy. “It would be surprising if OPEC did not protect its interests,” our minister, Pichetto Fratin, tells Progress on Sky TG24: “It is up to Cop’s overall assessment – ​​he adds – to give a path which is that of decarbonisation”.

The node on the next Cop is unlocked

But if it is still too early to understand how this COP will end, in the last few hours, at least, we have understood where the next United Nations climate conference will be held. It should be Baku, Azerbaijan. After Moscow’s veto on a European choice, Brussels withdrew Bulgaria’s candidacy and supported that of Baku on which in the meantime another veto had fallen: that of Armenia. The rules of democracy therefore bring the COP to another oil-producing country.

New protest, between war in the Middle East and climate

While negotiations are taking place in the rooms of the Dubai Expo, a new event is taking place in the outdoor spaces. The largest seen so far. With music and slogans that recall the war in the Middle East and, obviously, climate justice.