Copasir, white smoke on Guerini as president. Now waiting for Rai Supervision

Formed the bureau on the parliamentary control body on the Services, Donzelli (FdI) deputy and Rosato (Iv) secretary

Although the rumors about a new postponement, after last week’s, chased each other until Monday, in the end the square was found and the white smoke arrived at the Copasir meeting yesterday afternoon: the deputy dem Lorenzo Gueriniformer Minister of Defense and former head of the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic in the last legislature, was elected president, Fdi deputy Giovanni Donzelli deputy and deputy Iv Ettore Rosato secretary. The Pd-M5s agreement on guarantee organizations seems to hold up and, after the election of Guerini, now the eyes are now focused on the Rai Supervisory Commission, claimed by the pentastellati with Riccardo Ricciardi, but still awaiting the appointment of the members.

“There was a clear expression of the Committee, with a large majority, on the presidency office. Now let’s start work”, said Donzelli leaving Palazzo San Macuto ensuring a “very serene climate” during the meeting. “Finally Copasir, the parliamentary committee for the security of the Republic, has taken office. I am part of it again, with the position of secretary. The times we are living in will see us engaged in very delicate matters. I will take care of them with commitment and attention” , commented the new secretary Rosato.

Ten members in all, half senators and half deputies. For FdI, in addition to Donzelli, there are Senator Andrea Augello and the deputy Angelo Rossi, for the League, Senator Claudio Borghi, for Fi Licia Ronzulli, for the M5s, the deputy Marco Pellegrini and Senator Roberto Scarpinato, for the Third Pole , in fact, Rosato and for the Democratic Party, in addition to President Guerini, Senator Enrico Borghi. Just the latter, who had been the other ‘papabile’ candidate to lead the body, took a pebble off his shoe: “Congratulations to Lorenzo Guerini, new president of Copasir. He will do well, and I voted for him because in serious parties are done like this. With today, I note on my chest the virtual medal of valor awarded to me by Conte’s ostracism towards me “, he wrote in a tweet.

Among the best wishes for the job were also those of the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, former president of Copasir. “I am sure that Lorenzo Guerini will be able to perform his role in the best possible way with balance and competence in the interest of Italy and the Italians, as he already did in his previous mandate – he said – I send him and the vice president Giovanni Donzelli my best wishes of good work fully aware of how important the parliamentary body is in guaranteeing national security”. From updates on the conflict in Ukraine to possible new shipments of arms to help Kiev, there are several ‘hot’ topics on the Committee’s table soon.