Coppa Italia, today the Inter-Milan derby without thinking about the Scudetto

After the 0-0 in the first leg, the return match is played

Inter and Milan on the pitch tonight in the return derby of the Coppa Italia semi-final. After the 0-0 first leg, the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri compete at 9pm (live on Canale 5) for a place in the final. In the double confrontation, the rule that rewards goals away in the event of a tie still applies: if the match were to end in a draw with goals (1-1, 2-2 …) Milan would qualify. The two teams fighting for the Scudetto arrive at the appointment. Milan first, Inter behind by 2 points but with a match to recover. The two coaches – Stefano Pioli and Simone Inzaghi – try to freeze the championship speech for a few hours.

INZAGHI – “The team arrives charged and motivated, we know the importance of the challenge and what it represents for the club and the fans. We come from three consecutive victories and we are preparing the match very well”, Inzaghi’s words on the eve. “As for the choices, a coach always has many doubts and many choices to make every day. For tomorrow’s match there are 2 training sessions and I will try to choose the best for a challenge that is very important. Then there will be the championship, we are in the running. for both objectives and we are on an excellent path considering that the Super Cup was already won in January “.

“We have played 3 derbies up to now, 2 in the league and the Coppa Italia one, tomorrow we know that we must and want to win to go to the final. We know that we could have achieved more in the past, we had to be good at addressing the episodes that are decisive but tomorrow there is a very important match because a final is worth it. Even knowing the importance of the away goal, we must have maximum concentration at every moment of the game, knowing that we are facing a valuable opponent, we must keep concentration very high for the whole 95 minutes and in the case for the continuation of the match. What is the difficulty of this match? We will need to have an even higher concentration, having not scored on the first leg, our attention must be maximal because every moment of the match can be decisive “, added Inzaghi .

“Is the right time to celebrate a derby in Milan too? That’s what we all hope, tomorrow we will play in our stadium with an incredible audience that has always drawn us. In the last match against Verona the stadium helped us a lot. and tomorrow we will be aware of this knowing that it is a very important match with a very high stakes “, explained Inzaghi aware that the fact that he has not yet won a derby this season can be an extra boost. “Without a doubt, they were 3 different derbies, we played the first 2 very well, in the last one the teams were equal knowing that there was the return and the weight of the home and away goals and it was more blocked. The team knows this and knows that tomorrow is a great opportunity to be exploited in the best possible way. “

PEGS – “We know very well what our path in the league must be,” echoed Pioli. “I don’t think today’s derby is decisive in this sense.” “We focus everything on team play, the more united you are and the more willing you are to sacrifice yourself for your teammates. We had a very nice day together, we took the opportunity to be together with the families and the Club, which always supports us. From here to the end. we have to try to win them all, the team is very focused and motivated, this positive energy will have to accompany us “, he added.

“We will have to read the game well and the details will be decisive. Within the match we will find moments in which to accelerate and others in which to slow down. Inter, in the open field, can be dangerous and we will have to be good at managing the ball in the best possible way. “, added Pioli who on the Rossoneri’s defensive solidity explained that” not conceding a goal is a factor, it surprises me a bit because we always take some risks defending on the open field, but the growth of the whole team has been important. ‘application, intensity and concentration must be of a high standard “.

On the conditions of the injured, Pioli added that “for Calabria and Romagnoli we will see today, Davide should train, Alessio has not yet joined the team but today’s training will be decisive for him too. Gabbia came out tired but he is fine and tomorrow He will be there. Rebic? Ante is fine and has the qualities to be decisive, but every player must take the field with the mentality that every ball can be the most important. “