Cops 2, the new arrivals in the cast: from Gaia Messerklinger to Tullio Solenghi. VIDEO

Cops 2, the new adventure in two episodes directed by Luca Miniero and focused on the events of the ramshackle (but in its way very efficient) police station of Apulia, is about to arrive with the absolute premieres of Monday 6 and 13 December on Sky Cinema Uno. The sequel to the highly acclaimed Sky Original production will also be available in streaming on NOW and On Demand.

Cops 2: the trailer and the first photos

As it goes without saying, there will be no shortage of protagonists we fell in love with the first one Cops – A gang of cops, starting with Claudio Bisio in the role of Commissioner Cinardi, passing through the whole team played by Francesco Mandelli, Giulia Bevilacqua, Pietro Sermonti and Guglielmo Poggi, to which is added what we could now define an “external assistant”, or Dino Abbrescia with his Tonino.

But in addition to the reconfirmations we find in Cops 2 many new faces, who will have an important role in the cases on which Cinardi and his friends find themselves investigating. We are talking first of all about the murder of a viscount, to which is added the theft of a cross inside which is kept a very precious relic: the shin of Sant’Oronzo.

Among these new arrivals we first find Gaia Messerklinger in the role of Catia, a young magistrate decidedly sui generis both for grit and attitude, as the policemen of Apulia will be able to see, starting with the commissioner himself. Then, there is Ninni Bruschetta, here grappling with the character of the Count (brother of the aforementioned Viscount), a fallen nobleman who never misses an opportunity to show off his culture.

These are flanked by two “don”: on one side we have the Don Filippo of the mythical Tullio Solenghi, a sort of Sherlock Holmes in cassock, in constant direct line with the Pope (albeit for decidedly earthly matters such as laundry or the Champions League match), sent to Apulia to “support” Cinardi in his investigations; on the other there is instead Massimo Lorenzo in the role of Don Manolo, a local parish priest who is involved in the theft of the cross.

To see the characters in action in action, all that remains is to wait until December 6 to follow the new adventures told in Cops 2!