Cops 2, the previews of the new film: laughter in yellow

There are ingredients that can improve any recipe, but which must be dosed with care, otherwise the risk is to ruin everything. For example, laughter and suspense, which can very well be part of the same “dish”, but only as long as you find the right balance.

Fortunately, for Cops 2, the two episodes of which will be premiered Monday 6 and 13 December on Sky Cinema Uno and will also be available in streaming on NOW and On Demand, they have been called two of the best “chefs” in circulation.

All About Cops – A gang of cops

We are talking about the director Luca Miniero, formerly directed by Cops – A gang of cops and blockbusters such as Welcome to the South And I’m back, and the screenwriter Sandrone Dazieri, one of the most popular crime writers in Italy and already working on various film and television projects, including seven seasons of Antimafia squad.

In an interesting and funny backstage video, Luca and Sandrone tell how they mixed the two aforementioned ingredients, so as to keep intact all the fun of the first episodes of Cops, but adding a little more suspense.

The bungling policemen of the Apulia police station, led once again by the legendary Cinardi played by Claudio Bisio (who had already collaborated in the cinema with Dazieri in Gorilla care, a 2006 film), will in fact find themselves grappling with a series of cases that are anything but easy to solve.

To see how Commissioner Cinardi and his men will fare with the mysteries concocted by Miniero and Dazieri, all that remains is to wait for the absolute premieres of 6 and 13 December on Sky.