Corde 23, Mannarino returns with a new theater tour

After a triumphant tour this summer with a double sold out at the Cavea of ​​the Rome Auditorium, with over 20 dates throughout Italy (all sold out) and more than 40,000 paying people, Mannarino announces by popular demand the continuation of Ropes for the last live events of the project, starting on November 29 from Spiceproduced and organized by I live concerts. With a totally renewed repertoire, Mannarino come back for the latest dates of Ropes after the great return to the stage this summer at 10 years since the project debuted. A different tour from previous versions of Ropes which puts the artist’s thoughts and reflections at the center through a musical choice that ranges from songs from the most recent albums to the most historic ones, stripping them of their original sounds: “Those same songs that were born with the sound of the guitar since I was 16 and began to self-taught myself to approach the instrument. And right now, more than ever, I think back to that time, a long time ago, when a gypsy musician from Barcelona wrote to me on a page a phrase which, when translated, sounded like this: “Whoever enters the jungle of the 6 strings does not come out alive”, commented Mannarino.


The performance comes to life in intimate and evocative venues to fully relive the inimitable relationship that the singer-songwriter has built over the years with his audience. Born from an original concept by Mannarino, Ropes, which turns 10, returns for the last dates in December and January, in which the singer-songwriter tells his story through a set of stringed instruments that vibrate together and accompany him in his search for himself. Always recognized for his multifaceted personality, Mannarino he is a central artist of Italian singer-songwriter music: in his songs we find sounds and stories that start from the Roman suburbs and reach distant and fascinating destinations, such as South America and the Amazon, which are the protagonists of the latest recording project Vand life experiences lived who photograph stories of those left on the margins of society. Mannarino he is the spokesperson for the least, of those who struggle every day amid injustices dreaming of better times: always discovering new inspirations, the singer-songwriter is tracing a unique path of awareness and transformation through music. It is thanks to this common thread that the concept of Ropes, which gave live shows an established and recognized identity, changed the point of view from which to look at art, the gaze is no longer directed towards the themes of the treatises in the records, but towards the soul of those who wrote them . The strings, the guitars, the voices that sing in unison and sound as if they were instruments: these are the elements that make the project unique Ropes of the singer-songwriter, who brings to life in his music the truth of those who respect art in all its forms.


Wednesday 29 November 2023LA SPEZIA – CIVIC THEATER

Wednesday 6 December 2023MILAN – ARCIMBOLDI THEATER

Thursday 7 December 2023MILAN – ARCIMBOLDI THEATER

Monday 11 December 2023ANCONA – MUSE THEATER

Tuesday 12 December 2023ANCONA – MUSE THEATER

Friday 15 December 2023FLORENCE – VERDI THEATER


Tuesday 26 December 2023ROME – MUSIC PARK AUDITORIUM Sala Santa Cecilia

Wednesday 27 December 2023ROME – MUSIC PARK AUDITORIUM Sala Santa Cecilia

Thursday 28 December 2023ROME – MUSIC PARK AUDITORIUM Sala Santa Cecilia


Saturday 13 January 2024PESCARA – TEATRO MASSIMO


Wednesday 17 January 2024NAPLES – AUGUSTEO THEATER