Cordier (Groupama Assicurazioni): ‘Committed to a better planet’

This Award is an opportunity to concretely commit ourselves to supporting a better planet, on multiple aspects related to the economy and the environment, alongside young people and in synergy with all those who are committed to ensuring a more sustainable and secure future “. Pierre Cordier, CEO of Groupama Assicurazioni, on the occasion of the ‘Environment Friendly Innovation Award’, an event that saw Groupama engaged as the sole partner of the initiative.

This year we have decided to undertake this journey alongside Legambiente because social responsibility is a strategic choice for us and we are committed every day to integrate sustainability aspects into the business, our insurance offer and our company – continues Cordier – We are an insurance company and we protect people and the environment in which they live. We try to contribute to a more sustainable world for everyone, following the values ​​that have always been the basis of all our actions: Protection, Proximity, Responsibility and Solidarity with local communities “.

In this edition of the ‘Environment Friendly Innovation Award’ there are six special prizes assigned by Groupama Assicurazioni to enhance and reward the most deserving young companies for their sustainability projects, as Cordier says: “We have identified for each of the categories that have the most deserving realities participated in the ‘Environment Friendly Innovation Award’, to which a cash prize worth 3,000 euros and a ‘Groupama Assicurazioni Special Award’, which consists of an insurance coverage made available by our Company to protect these new companies that need protection “.

Sustainability and innovation are fundamental concepts for Groupama Assicurazioni, but it is important that they do not remain abstract concepts as emphasized by Cordier: “We must translate them into facts, through concrete actions and initiatives. For this reason, every year we implement projects and products aimed at the sustainability of new eco-sustainable behaviors, the enhancement of the person, training, the promotion of art and culture and sustainable development. We also dedicate great efforts and important resources to support young talents and the most innovative new professions. We believe it is very important to keep up with change. Recently, we have created a project in which we strongly believe: an Observatory on the future, called ‘Change Lab, Italy 2030‘, created to monitor the main trends that over the next 10 years, in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda, will change Italian habits and lifestyles, with important repercussions on the environment and society. Because together with new behaviors there are also new needs that we Insurers can influence and promote by rewarding the most sustainable behaviors, with innovative products and eco-sustainable solutions “.