Corinaldo, three years ago the massacre in the disco

The night between 7 and 8 December the tragedy of the ‘Blue Lantern’: 6 dead

For many it is the first time in the disco, for all the thrill of attending the performance of their idol, rapper Sfera Ebbasta: the hours pass, the singer never arrives and will never arrive while in the ‘Lanterna Azzurra’ in Corinaldo (Ancona ) panic breaks out and the night turns into a nightmare. Almost three years have passed since the tragedy of the disco, where on the night between 7 and 8 December 2018, six people died, a mother and five very young people.

It is around one in the morning when the stampede is unleashed. In the night club, a former ballroom of the ballroom transformed into a trendy club for disco evenings, there are hundreds of boys and girls. Many, too many, come out through the back exit: the balustrade collapses. Young people fall on top of each other in a hellish trap. The rescue car leaves, the firefighters work for hours. In the end there are six victims: Emma Fabini, 14-year-old student, Asia Nasoni, 14-year-old promise of gymnastics, Benedetta Vitali, 15 years old from Fano, Mattia Orlandi, 15 years, Daniele Pongetti, 16 year old from Senigallia, ed Eleonora Girolimini, the 39-year-old mother of four who was accompanying one of her daughters to the concert that night with her husband. Dozens were injured, many of them serious: seven were hospitalized on a reserved prognosis.

The massacre of the very young deeply wounds Italy. The then Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini and the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte immediately went to the Marche to bring the proximity of the institutions. As the hours go by, anger is added to the despair of the families of the victims, to the anguish of the relatives of the injured. Was the place full, was there more people than allowed? How many tickets have been sold and sold off? Why did the young people go en masse from the exit at the then collapsed balustrade? Why hadn’t the performance of Sfera Ebbasta started late at night, even though the evening was intended for an audience of teenagers? And was the rapper really going to come? Meanwhile, the carabinieri and police listen to hundreds of witnesses, pass the films shot by the survivors with their mobile phones for examination.

The version of many young people listened to coincides: it all started with a burning sensation in the throat and eyes, the feeling of being sick, panic and the crowd. Perhaps, some say, it was a pepper spray perhaps used for an attempted robbery. A can is actually found in the room during the investigation. According to the investigators it could be a “contributing cause”, not the only one, of the massacre. The investigations go on and over time two investigations are opened, one on the gang of the spray, accused of having sprayed stinging substance in the disco triggering panic to be able to rob those present, the other on the safety of the club and the permits issued.

A little more than three months after the massacre, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella meets the families of the victims in Ancona and asks for justice: “What happened was unimaginable and unjustifiable, it is impossible to get over it – underlines the Head of State – More passes the more time it is impossible to think about it, because the more time passes, the more one becomes aware of the emptiness, of what has failed, of those who are missing and of the incomprehensibility of the conditions that caused what happened. There are no words nor to give comfort or to be able to find remedies that do not exist. There is only a need for the truth to be rigorously ascertained and justice to be done rigorously “.

Last year in the trial for the spray gang investigation first instance sentences arrive for the six accused, with sentences ranging from 10 to 12 years. For the other trend, on the other hand, linked to the investigation into the safety of the ‘Blue Lantern’, the first hearings before the judge.