Coronation of King Charles III, Princess Anne: “No to streamlined monarchy”

Princess Anne does not agree with the idea of ​​a “streamlined royal family” proposed by her brother Charles to reduce the number of people attending royal engagements. In an interview with CBC News, quoted by the Guardian, the princess said she did not consider this proposal “a good idea”.


Anne, sixteenth in the line of succession to the throne and two years younger than her brother Charles, has been designated the ‘hardest working royal’ by the numbers: in 2022 she attended 214 engagements on behalf of the royal family, against the 181 of Charles. In response to rumors that suggested she was trying to get over her brother, Anna said she wasn’t sure what else she could do to demonstrate his commitment to her. In an interview before Charles’ coronation, Anna said she expected more from her 74-year-old brother. She acknowledged that Charles had worked hard for the service, but she suggested that she could have done more. However, she also stated that her level of service was constant and would not change.

All ready for the coronation

Charles’s coronation ceremony will include the first ‘people’s tribute’, where people from across the UK and overseas kingdoms will be invited to take an oath of allegiance to the new king. However, the proposal has been criticized by some as “insulting, deaf and a gesture with contempt for the people”. According to Republic spokesman Graham Smith, in a democracy it should be the head of state who swears allegiance to the people, not the other way around. Smith argued that this kind of tradition should have died with Elizabeth I and not survived Elizabeth II.