Corporate benefits are at the center of Welfare Day, the event promoted by Pluxee Italia

The second edition of Welfare Day took place today, the Italian Communication event dedicated to the development and digitalisation of welfare and benefit solutions promoted by Pluxee Italia (formerly Sodexo Brs). An opportunity to take stock of the state of welfare services in Italy – also in light of new regulations – and the work that can and must still be done in the same direction, also and above all in terms of digital transformation.

HR directors, welfare managers and other important figures from the HR world of leading companies such as Air Liquide, Deloitte, Findus, Giglio Group, Gruppo Scai, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Renantis, Tim, Verisure and Zurich attended. The debate focused first of all on two points. The first is the indispensability of welfare and flexible benefits in terms of employer branding, talent attraction and resource retention. Data in hand, we have seen and commented on how important it is today to equip ourselves with a coherent welfare structure that adheres to the work needs of people today, not least the young generations.

The second aspect concerns the need to integrate this structure within a broader corporate social responsibility strategy. This is to ensure that welfare services are not a simple fulfillment, but a pillar of the people care strategy, responding to a company’s needs in terms of work sustainability.

Tommaso Palermo and Anna Maria Mazzini, respectively CEO and CGO of Pluxee Italia (formerly Sodexo Brs), spoke during the event with a keynote speech. With data in hand, they focused on the state of welfare in Italy, highlighting some essential aspects: first of all the lack of knowledge of existing opportunities, both on the part of employees and of the companies themselves; digitalisation as a potential driver of further diffusion of services; an emphasis on flexible benefits as an element of sustainability, that is, as a tool to meet people’s needs at 360 degrees.

The event took place at the ‘Community House’ studios in Rome and live on On this last platform, it will be possible to listen to all the sessions of the event again in the next few days