Corrado Zunino, the Repubblica journalist injured in Ukraine returns to Italy today

The procedures for the repatriation of Corrado Zunino, the Repubblica journalist injured yesterday in Kherson, Ukraine, have been started. Zunino a The breakfast club on Radio Capital he recounts the attack suffered in which his collaborator Bogdan Bitik died. “I don’t understand how it was possible. We had left the car on the access ramp to the bridge. I have a blue jacket with very large press written on it and the two Ukrainian soldiers who told us to leave understood that we were journalists. But the Russians fire on everything, they fired on doctors and now they fire on the press. I’ve lost count of missing or dead journalists and photographers”, said the journalist during the interview. (UKRAINE, LIVEBLOG – SPECIAL)

The story

“We have never exposed ourselves – Zunino explains – to gratuitous risks. There was no war atmosphere, there was silence on that bridge. Now I am in a military hospital in the south of the country, I have 4 minor wounds. But at the transfer for my return to Italy will be shortly. We passed three checkpoints, Bogdan spoke with the Ukrainian military and they let us pass without problems. It was not a fighting zone. Then we were hit, I heard a hiss and I saw Bogdan on the ground, he didn’t move, I crawled up to get out of the line of fire,” Zunino told his editorial team on the phone. “I ran until I passed a civilian’s car. I was full of blood, I had them take me to Kherson hospital. I have four wounds but I was treated perfectly. I tried several times to call Bogdan, no he answered. He was a great friend of mine, it’s excruciating suffering,” he added.