Cosmetics and biodiversity, the Lush campaign

The brand presents ‘Rewild Your Routine’

Lush, brand of fresh and handmade cosmetics, presents in all stores and online starting May 19, the global campaign ‘Rewild Your Routine’ to highlight how cosmetics and their ingredients can contribute to the protection of wild habitats and the enhancement of the planet’s biodiversity.

The ‘Rewild your Routine’ campaign aims to explain how the cosmetics industry can play a key role in safeguarding and improving biodiversity through its supply chain of raw materials and by guiding people to make purchasing choices informed to protect and benefit the planet.

“When we consider the amount of oils, butters, essences, flowers and herbs traditionally used in cosmetics, the beauty industry is in a unique position to create a supply chain that works for life and not against it. From creating livelihood opportunities in buffer zones of protected landscapes, as an alternative to poaching and deforestation, buying salt from bird conservation saltworks, to producing ylang ylang oil in agroforestry systems, any natural or sourced from nature has the potential to be regenerative,” says Ruth Andrade, Lush’s Earthcare Strategy Lead.

By committing to support rewilding projects thanks to a dedicated Ethical Buying team, Lush works “for the protection of wild habitats and in favor of a conservation strategy in which the main objective is to promote biodiversity and restore the ecological balance where it was compromised, degraded or destroyed due to human activities – explains the brand – Rewilding projects often involve the reintroduction of native species, the restoration of habitats and the creation of corridors for wildlife”.