Cospito, Bonaccini: “Meloni indefensible on Delmastro. The 41-bis can’t be touched”

Melons? “Defends the indefensible”. And the 41-bis “don’t touch, trouble!”. The candidate for the secretariat of the Pd Stefano Bonaccini decides to open his speech at the Pietralata wool mill with the Roman circles by putting the dots on the hot topics of the moment: Delmastro, Cospito and the 41-bis. “The president Meloni, with his intervention, assumed the responsibility of defending the indefensible and it is in my opinion a grave error and a gesture of political weakness. Because the Constitution prescribes discipline and honor for those who hold institutional positions and there is no doubt that Undersecretary Delmastro has shown neither discipline nor honor”, ​​Bonaccini immediately says.

And then move on to 41 bis, which, he underlines, “cannot be questioned. Woe to us to give the idea of ​​questioning it! This is said by someone who comes from a region that has paid a very heavy bill on terrorism. The fight against the mafia and against all forms of terrorist aggression are, for us, two firm points on which we do not retreat even a millimeter. After that, that all prisoners have the right to the necessary treatment is a principle of civilization which does not detract from the fight against organized crime and against terrorism. Point. There’s no need to ditch anything else. And these cardinal principles must not be used in an instrumental way by those who want to represent us as yielding to the necessary fight against mafias and terrorism. Anyone who has committed crimes should answer for it, they could have thought of it sooner “.

But the meeting in the morning was also an opportunity for Bonaccini to launch an appeal to the third pole and M5S, an invitation to join in common battles, but also a warning: without Pd you will go nowhere. “To the friends of the third pole and the M5s, who I hope understood that they lost the elections as much as we did, because it seems they won them, I ask: can there be a topic on which we are together in political battle? I have heard Conte, Calenda and Renzi say that they are against cuts to public health: can we fight a great battle all together in the country?”. For Bonaccini “alliances are indispensable” and “we cannot be sufficient on our own if we want to return to government of the country, but I say this to the Third Pole and to the 5S: without Pd there will never be an alternative capable of beating the right”.