Cospito case, defense application on 41 bis: Surveillance hearing tomorrow

Against the rejections by the Minister of Justice Nordio of two requests for early revocation of the special prison regime to which the anarchist is subjected

The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow before the Supervisory Court of Rome, which will be addressed by the defense of Alfredo Cospito against the rejections by the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio of two requests for early revocation of the special detention regime of 41 bis a to which the anarchist is subjected. In the complaint presented by Cospito’s defender, the lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini, recalls that “the application prerequisite of the differentiated regime adopted” towards the anarchist “was expressly identified in the need to interrupt his communicative activity, in order to sanction the incitement recognized in its content” and that twice the Court of Review “excluded that the Cospito’s utterances are suitable for instigating, or that they represent indications suitable for directing the subjects present outside to determine specific actions criminal conduct, believing on the contrary that the same is substantiated in the manifestation of the political thought of its author”.

This is a fact which “represents an undoubted and unhinging element of innovation which necessarily had to lead the Minister to an urgent and non-deferrable review of the differentiated regime currently in operation” underlines the defender. For all this, according to Rossi Albertini, “the illegitimacy of the silent refusal maintained by the Minister with respect to the new elements put forward by the defense is incontestable (…) in the context of the evaluation which is in no way political, but rather purely juridical entrusted to him” from the moment that “the elements legally required for the maintenance of the differentiated dependent regime are no longer found” in Cospito.