Cospito case, Tajani: “41 bis? State under attack but it shouldn’t be changed”

“We will not be blackmailed, while supporting the action of Justice Minister Nordio when he also deals with the health of those subjected to prison regime”, adds the minister

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani does not want “neither dramatize nor underestimate the dangers”: “there is – he says in an interview with Corriere della Sera – an attack on the state. If even President Mattarella is indicated as an enemy by these groups, it is clear that it is not one side or the other that is being targeted, but that the threat is to democratic institutions: law enforcement agencies, diplomatic and political offices, in Italy and abroad”. “We will not be blackmailed: we will not change the 41 bis, while supporting the action of Justice Minister Nordio when he also takes care of the health of those subjected to prison regimes”, he adds. Tajani agrees with Meloni that “we must all tone down, the problems of the Italians are others and we must face them. However, we have never raised the tone”. “The government – he adds – had no role in this affair, there was no action by the executive that led to a” Cospito case “, but a clash between parliamentarians on the issue of 41 bis which involved two parties. Clash much emphasized, however.” He does not go into the merits of who is right: “there is a Jury of honor that will express itself in the Chamber on this case: let us entrust ourselves to the institutions and close this matter. The country needs more. Major reforms, to restart and not miss the opportunity to relaunch: the economic situation is better than initially expected, now we must not waste time. This must be the year of reforms, the one in which they are set and completed as much as possible”.