Cospito, M5S and Pd are pressing Meloni

Conte: “The premier runs away from questions”. Letta: “Accuses from FdI, does the premier agree?”

“Giorgia Meloni ran away from journalists’ questions on the Delmastro-Donzelli case and on the irresponsible dissemination of confidential information on the mafia and terrorism, postponing her position to the future”. Thus Giuseppe Conte, leader of the M5S, expresses himself on Fb on the political clash in relation to the story of the anarchist Alfredo Cospito.

“Among the repeated disasters of this story, Giorgia Meloni is the unjustified absentee. She did not arrive due to embarrassment. “I lost my words” is a beautiful song by Ligabue, but it cannot be the reaction of the Prime Minister of a nation Like Italy”.

“We give you a suggestion: tell the two ‘Brothers of Italy’ Delmastro and Donzelli to resign from the Ministry of Justice and from Copasir. It is the only solution. It must be followed immediately. The attempt to offload political responsibilities onto opposition MPs who have visited detainees -continues the M5S leader- is only aggravating their position, because it confirms the use of information acquired for official reasons for purposes of political struggle. Every day that passes without their resignation is one more disaster for the country”. .

PD – “Our deputies are deliberately lynched by FdI deputies who will answer for their slanders in the appropriate fora. Slanders that do not affect our historic position in favor of 41bis. The Head of Government continues to remain silent, and therefore agrees?” , the words of the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, on Twitter. “President Meloni still does not answer. Do you agree or not with the mud campaign orchestrated by party colleagues against the Democratic Party?” Says her dem group leader Simona Malpezzi and Debora Serracchiani.

“Today, speaking as Prime Minister, he made an appeal for responsibility, for the unity of the country against threats and violence: but this appeal should not be addressed to us who have always worked for the cohesion of political and social forces against any violent attempt against the state and democracy but to his party colleagues. It is they who, a few days ago, in one of the most important moments in which, with the establishment of the Anti-Mafia Commission, the unity of the country against the mafias was celebrated , have hurled very serious and unacceptable lies towards the Democratic Party using confidential documents instrumentally as batons against us “, they add.

“Tomorrow, when he says he will speak about Delmastro and Donzelli, will he speak as a party leader who shares and endorses the criminalization of the main opposition party, creating an unprecedented vulnerability in political relations or will he have the courage to distance himself from them and condemn these ignoble acts?”.