Cospito, Salvini: “If they gave you the 41 bis, you’ll do it”

The deputy prime minister and minister speaking from the stage of the centre-right event in support of Rocca for the regional elections in Lazio

“I’m not going into the merits of controversies that absolutely must be overcome and are of interest to some left-wing MPs and journalists looking for an author, but I also don’t accept sitting at the table with someone who throws Molotov cocktails at the carabinieri and institutions. If they sentenced you to life imprisonment there will be a reason and you stay in life imprisonment, and if they gave you the 41 bis, you’ll get the 41 bis”. Thus, with reference to the Cospito case (but without mentioning it) the deputy premier and leader of the League Matteo Salvini, speaking from the stage of the center-right event in support of Francesco Rocca for the regional elections in Lazio, at the Conciliazione Auditorium.


“These first 100 days in government have allowed me to find smart colleagues, I count and I’m sure they will also become friends. This is the difference between getting along in the workplace and thinking as a team”.


“There is a huge pall of silence on the regional ones, since they know that the Democratic Party will take a lesson that it will remember for the next 30 years, nobody talks about it”.


“Yes to waste-to-energy plants that transform waste into energy, into wealth”.


“The minister of the Valditara School puts respect for teachers and professors back at the center, one does not enter the classroom to make noise and chat on the mobile phone, one enters the classroom to study”.

Road safety

“I speak as a minister and as a father with two children under the age of twenty, I have to work day and night to stop the massacre of thousands of children who lose their lives on Italian roads every year. We are working on a new highway code”.