Cospito, Tajani: “We at Forza Italia have never raised the tone”

“Donzelli Delmastro case closed, there is a grand jury”

“I believe that the Donzelli Delmastro case must be closed. There is a grand jury that will decide in the House whether there has been any misconduct. The invitation to tone it down must be accepted by all”. Thus the Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani.

“We at Forza Italia have never raised the tone. We work, we want to be serious, credible, reliable, responsible; let’s work for government unity to give Italians concrete answers. The controversies are part of the electoral campaign. Let’s move forward to solve citizens’ problems”.

“The tones have all been raised – the minister points out – I don’t intend to make controversies. We await the decisions of the Grand Jury of the chamber. That is the right institutional path. I believe in institutions. We are only saying that there is an attack on the institutions”.


“I’m not going into the merits of controversies that absolutely must be overcome and are of interest to some left-wing MPs and journalists looking for an author, but I also don’t accept sitting at the table with someone who throws Molotov cocktails at the carabinieri and institutions. If they sentenced you to life imprisonment there will be a reason and you stay in life imprisonment, and if they gave you the 41 bis, you’ll get the 41 bis”. Thus, with reference to the Cospito case (but without mentioning it) the deputy premier and leader of the League Matteo Salvini, speaking from the stage of the center-right event in support of Francesco Rocca for the regional elections in Lazio, at the Conciliazione Auditorium.