Cospito, the letter from prison: “I will continue my fight”

The anarchist: “I don’t suffer blackmail, I simply cannot live in an inhumane regime like that of 41 bis”

“My fight against 41 bis is an individual struggle as an anarchist, I don’t do and I don’t receive blackmail. I simply cannot live in an inhumane regime like that of 41 bis”. Thus begins the letter written from the Milanese Opera prison by Alfredo Cospito the anarchist on hunger strike to protest against the prison conditions in which he finds himself.

“Buried alive in a tomb, in a place of death. I will carry on my fight to the extreme consequences, not for ‘blackmail’ but because this is not life. If the objective of the Italian state is to make me ‘dissociate’ from the actions of outside anarchists, know that I do not suffer from blackmail. As a good anarchist, I believe that everyone is responsible for their own actions” adds Cospito who “proudly” claims what has been done and explains in his vision that contemplates anti-organization “I cannot dissociate myself by anyone”.

Cospito returns to the sender the accusations of ‘addressing’ others. “When I was under high surveillance I still had censorship and I never sent ‘pizzini’ but articles for anarchist newspapers and magazines”.