Cost-saving pact, tricolor sticker arrives

Even on shop windows the writing ‘Anti-inflation quarter’

The recognizability of discounted or fixed-price products will be guaranteed by a Government tricolor sticker with the words ‘Anti-inflation quarter’ and the businesses that join the initiative will also be recognizable with a special window sticker, bearing the tricolor logo (sticker). This is what we read in the memorandum of understanding for the anti-inflation quarter signed today at Palazzo Chigi, in the presence of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the Minister of Business and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso and the distribution and trade associations together with the associations that represent the pharmacy and parapharmacy sectors.

Furthermore, to orient consumers as much as possible, the operators adhering to the agreement will appear on the Mimit website next to the ‘Anti-inflation quarter’ logo. Among other things, if a selected product is no longer available, operators will be required to replace it with another belonging to the same category. As for the improper use of the anti-inflation sticker “outside the conditions envisaged” by the protocol “and in any case by subjects not participating in the initiative”, it should be noted that Mimit “reserves the right to make the circumstance known in a specific area of ​​the website ministerial internet”.