Costamagna: “Between current affairs and lightness, I’ll tell you about a reality that dances the ‘Tango'”

The presenter from Monday 16 October in the late evening on Rai2: “My goal? 1%, I want to make a decent programme”

“The title is already worth the program. Because tango is many things, it mixes accelerations, braking, it’s the rose in the mouth but also the dagger. Sweetness, love and death. You can fall in love while dancing tango, but you can break up dramatically. it’s a linear dance. This, as inspiration, is the best way to describe a reality that dances tango.” As Luisella Costamagna presents ‘Tango’, from Monday 16 October at 11.30pm on Rai2with which the presenter tackles the late evening slot for the first time with a program which, as she explains to journalists, has “a multiple personality”.

Of ‘tango’ – a name chosen not by chance after Costamagna’s victory in ‘Dancing with the Stars’, and which also gives an imprint to the beautiful graphic theme song with the music of the Piero Maggiò band, ‘Rock’a’Tango’ – the program will have “its rich character, full of verve, profound but also at times light. It’s the drama of war that explodes in you overnight, but also the lightness you need at the end of a day“, explains the journalist. There will therefore be no shortage of very current topics, starting with the war in the Middle East. “We will talk about the war in the first episode, and then in perspective if it should still be the most dramatic topic. We are not going live, so current events are there but with a weekly in-depth slant, so we will make a comment on the facts”, says Costamagna.

And if it doesn’t leak no anticipation about guests, however, the format is explained, which includes various modules. “To represent different things we use different modules – observes the presenter – There will be the talk, but also the intimate interview, the telling of personal stories, the face to face told in a different way. It is the intention of the program to mix different modules , flavors, ingredients and different approaches, tears and smiles”. The idea is to “choose one or two themes and delve into them. I would like to ‘populate politics and delve into variety'”, adds Costamagna.

For Costamagna it’s the first time in the late evening. “I am very happy to have had the offer to return to my profession, I missed the last evening as a place, which intrigues me a lot because it must have a different approach to the news. ‘Dancing’ was an experience that given lightness, but those strings were already there in me”, he explains, keen to underline that he doesn’t want labels. “I left Santorian fatherhood and entered Carluccian motherhood”, she jokes.

The presenter will be accompanied on this adventure by two permanent presences who, in different ways, will act as a counterpoint to the broadcast: Saverio Raimondo and Francesco Pannofino. “We are a great little privateer team – says Costamagna – Saverio Raimondo will also be physically in the studio, and it is that light punctuation in the dynamics of the program, with an irony that I really like, it amuses me, and it also varies with entries into political satire” . Pannofino, on the other hand, will constitute “an absolutely crucial punctuation, ironic but also very thoughtful, he will do a surprising thing that you won’t know until we go on air”.

“Particularly satisfied” says the director of Rai Insights Paolo Corsini, for “having found a space in the schedule to bring Luisella back to do what she has done for a long time in Rai, the insights, also bringing the experience of Dancing” . And speaking of share, the objective “is to remain within the network average – says Corsini – Rai2’s figure is a light entertainment figure in which we insert an in-depth programme, this is the bet”. “Aim at 1%, go beyond zero point”, the presenter plays down. The real goal? “I want to make a good program, a decent program.” (by Ilaria Floris)