Costantino Vitagliano and the disease: “I thought ‘I’m dying'”

“I’m autoimmune, my life has changed”

“I’m not very well, it’s been a bad time. Life changed overnight. ” Costantino Vitagliano has to live with an illness discovered almost by chance. A pathology that puts the 49-year-old former tronista and entrepreneur to the test, who recounts his drama to Verissimo, on Canale 5.

“I broke a tendon in my finger playing with my daughter on the sofa, my finger had been in a splint for 6 weeks. I went to my doctor for a check-up, I had pain in my sternum which I still have now. I had an ultrasound, I a stain on the umbilical aorta: they all became anxious, hospitalizing me urgently. They made me understand that it was a dangerous situation”, he says.

“I went into total panic, I was in the tumor surgery department: I got anxious, the doctors didn’t know. I started thinking ‘I’m dying and they don’t want to tell me’. I lost 12 kilos in 10 days. I did 29 days of tests, we finally came to the conclusion that I don’t have cancer. I’m autoimmunetoday I have to rest completely”, he explains.

“They put a stent in me, I have this mass that puts my aorta in danger every day. I have to take pills from 8 in the morning, I started treatment for an absolutely rare disease. To date, these are attempts at a cure. I take doses of horse cortisone, the only anti-inflammatory that doesn’t make me have pain“, he says. “We just keep trying.”

Life is no longer what it was before. “It’s a situation that has changed me profoundly – he says with understandable emotion -. I try to be what I was, I try not to be seen in a certain way by my daughter, who is 8 years old, but I don’t always succeed. I see that I don’t have the confidence I had before: no one stopped me, now everything has changed. They turned off a switch for me, I never thought it would happen. In the morning I was in the gym training, in the evening they told me I couldn’t go out… life goes like this, whatever happens I will have to handle it differently.”