Costanzo, Vergassola: “He made me a miracle, from worker to success”

“He was the big boost to my career for me. He had bar-worthy batting speed”

“A miracle worker”, who went from the anonymity of a life as a worker to success, thanks above all to appearances on television alongside Maurizio Costanzo who effectively launched him into the world of entertainment. It is the parable accomplished by the Ligurian comedian Dario Vergassola, one of the many discoveries of Maurizio Costanzo, who died today in Rome at the age of 84. Regular guest of the Maurizio Costanzo Show since 1997, Vergassola affirms to Adnkronos: “Maurizio Costanzo represented for me the big push for my career. , I was miraculously miraculous by Costanzo, along with many others’. they greeted me. Something out of the Truman Show. They recognized me in the taxi, on the train. It was almost unique”.

“I have good memories of Maurizio Costanzo – Vergassola still recalls – he was always very kind, especially smart. He had a bar-like speed: he understood the things I was doing that were quite improvised. We had fun looking into each other’s eyes, there was a good understanding on who we had to put in the middle, for me it was a good support. Whenever they asked him to write something about the people he had launched he always remembered me “, concludes Vergassola.