Costruzioni, Donati (Ance Giovani): “After 12 years of crisis we start again, but we have lost skills”

The new president of the youth association at Adnkronos: “We have an important shortage of professionals”. On inflation he warns: “It risks killing the restart while it is in its infancy”.

“We are a sector that is currently experiencing a new restart, after 12 years of crisis. But we carry with us a not very nice baggage, which is the loss of skills both from the point of view of the loss of businesses, because tens of thousands have gone bankrupt, and for the 600 thousand jobs lost with the 33% decrease in the value added of the sector “. He tells Adnkronos Angelica Donati, elected new president of the Youth of the Reeds, the association that brings together builders.

“Now – he continues – there is a strong restart. This year the construction sector will grow by 15%. It is the driving force behind growth in Europe,” but we have a major shortage of insiders, at a transversal level in all categories of the profession. Just to answer the current question, without thinking about the future growth that will surely take place as the NRR is implemented, there are 265 thousand places missing “, Donati recalls.

Then there is another theme, highlights the new president of the association’s youth, which is linked to training, and it is that of education: “In addition to the negative effect of the crisis, there is also a problem of image, which is not it’s only Italian but universal, and it is that young people do not want to work in construction, because they think there is lower satisfaction than in other sectors. But it is only a problem of perception. We have had a project for years, called Macroscuola, which is a competition of ideas that we do with middle schools to help them think like builders. It starts as a game, but it serves to guide the thought of what opportunities they might have in this sector. But it is also important to raise awareness among parents “, continues Donati.

The risks of inflation – The sharp rise in prices “is a huge problem which risks killing the restart while it is in its infancy. Phenomena of this type are so extreme that companies cannot be expected to go ahead without decisive action at the institutional level “.

“Surely what was done for the first half was a good first step, but it is not enough. Businesses must know that even later they will be protected “, he explains and adds:” But even this protection will have to be implemented, because so far it has only been partial. It is a signal, but it is not sufficient to really help companies to bridge the gaps. And since the timing is quite slow, we are at the end of the year and we are talking about the first months of next year before we can get the compensation, for companies there is also a cash flow problem “, says Donati.

The youth program – “From January – announces the new president – we will start all our projects, which they will all be based on innovation and sustainability. We have projects in mind with startups in the sector, to create a virtuous circle with companies. We intend to create a training course on sustainability and innovation “while” on the circular economy we want to try to help institutions develop their incentives in the best way for businesses, so that they are declined in a sustainable key “.

The pandemic – “Italy has a better epidemiological situation than others, so the government is doing something good in this sense. As a citizen I say that it is our responsibility and our duty – says Donati – follow the directions of those who are doctors. We have a national scientific committee that gives guidelines for protecting the health of citizens, which is the priority “.