Coté López broke the silence about the criticism of her makeup line

The model and businesswoman cote lopez The 33-year-old sets trends with everything she does and that is reflected in the more than two million followers from all latitudes that she has on the camera’s social network and who are aware of her movements and news.

cote lopez Some time ago she launched her own line of cosmetics called CLO and regularly promotes new products on her social networks. But this weekend the blonde was at the center of controversy due to an eyeliner that was not of good quality and her fans let her know.

It is an eyeliner called “Eye Tattoo” that claims to be long-lasting within the cosmetics line of cote lopez but apparently it does not directly pigment. “I bought it and it came out bad! It doesn’t paint. I have it saved there”, “I bought it as soon as it arrived. And it failed me… I never complained, but now I see that it was a general failure of the product… It would be ideal if they changed it. I have it new” were some of the comments.

Failed eyeliner. Source: instagram @clobycote

Within a few hours, from the official CLO account they began to respond to angry clients on social networks and asked them to communicate by private message to give them a solution. Immediately cote lopez He expressed himself on his Instagram account and gave explanations of what happened.

Coté López promotes her make up products. Source: instagram @clobycote

“I am going to explain what happened to us, when we took out the first eyeliners, a batch came that was bad… Then some good ones came and other bad ones when we realized that we immediately stopped selling it,” he said cote lopez and added: “So my people, if you got bad eyeliner, write because we are going to change it.”