Coté López imposes a trend with this neon nail art and attracts all eyes

cote lopez She is one of the most important influencers in Chile. The 34-year-old model is one of the most popular women in the country and everything she does attracts attention on social networks where she already has more than two million followers who are aware of the movements of Luis “Mago”‘s wife. Jimenez.

In particular, two things caught the attention of his followers. Its incredible design of nails What sets the trend for this summer? It is a neon, fluorine design, which looks very good. French style but refresh. With some super nice cards and one of each color.

Cote’s nails. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm

In addition, this Friday, January 6, the businesswoman cote lopez He shared a publication with images of his vacation with “Mago” Jiménez and his children. But he had an unfortunate comment that he did not hesitate to answer. On her Instagram account she is super active, she publishes her intimate life and also some of her articles from her companies CLo, Be Active and Louis Antoine. And of course the life of her 4 children The triplets Rebecca, Raffaella, Isidora (12) and Luis Jesús (6).

In her last post, she could be seen in a photo giving little Luis a kiss, added to the fact that there are never photos of the triplets. A follower of hers commented: “You always go out kissing your son, is he your favorite? ??». Given this, Coté responded with everything. «ooooobvious! In fact, I don’t want the others, that’s why I don’t upload them ??», wrote the influencer sarcastically. However, a few months ago cote lopez He declared that his daughters had asked him not to appear in their stories, so it was their decision.

The photo with his son. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm

Of course, she immediately collected many positive comments, which defended her to cote lopez of the awkward situation: . “What a good answer Hahaha I love you????”, “How can you ask that question hahaha”, “to questions weonas, answers bknes ??????”, “So dry in her answers IDOLA ????”, “What an absurd comment, the youngest always want to kiss and take pictures, when the children are older they don’t want that but it doesn’t mean that one wants them or not…. », «what a stupid way to write», were some of the comments.