Coté López proclaims herself as dance queen on TikTok

The influencer cote lopez 34 years old is one of the most famous faces on social media. The wife of Luis Jimenez accumulates more than two million followers from all latitudes only in the social network of the little camera that closely follow his steps and in Tik Tok he has close to 100 thousand followers.

cote lopez She has accustomed her fans to showing her best poses and looks since she is also a reference in fashion and trends for her statuesque figure thanks to her perseverance with physical exercise and good nutrition and also for her good taste in clothing that everyone wants to imitate.

cote lopez In addition to being a figure on social networks, she is a businesswoman, since she has a male up line that she constantly promotes called Clo By Coté. She also makes time to enjoy with her family and the children she has in common with the athlete. Jimenez.

Cote Lopez. Source: Terra archive

Now cote lopez drew attention by posting on Tik Tok a sensual dance to the rhythm of the song “La mamá de la mamá” by the Puerto Rican El Alfa. The blonde wore a long mesh dress that she revealed her silhouette and that she combined with a white top, culottes and platform shoes.

“When I’m at a party and suddenly it hits me,” he wrote cote lopez on the social network Tik Tok and her fans immediately reacted to the dance with more than a thousand likes and comments like: “Beautiful, simple, beautiful, nice. She has them all ”,“ Only you can do that dance ”,“ The one she can, she can ”,“ What a nice and beautiful woman ”, and“ Bella la Coté ”.