Coté López revealed the Christmas menu that he will do this holiday season

cote lopez o María José Merino, is one of the most famous Chileans on social networks. She is the mother of 4 children and has been married since 2006 to Luis Jimenezthe influencer, psychologist and writer of “You weren’t for me either” is making preparations for this Christmas.

Cote Lopez. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm

Accustomed to interacting in instagram with more than 2 million followers, cote lopez He did not hesitate to open the question box these days as he always does. She accompanied his stories with the Christmas decoration, the tree that is in her home, and telling how the preparations came. One of his followers, surely trying to find inspiration for organizing one of the most popular events of the year, asked him what the menu would be this Christmas, and Coté López had no problem answering him.

that was how cote lopez He told in his stories what is the classic menu that he always prepares for the holidays, but apparently this year he would not be so eager to cook, and he would make some changes to the classic dish in order to make it more practical.

Cote’s menu. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm

“I think I’ll cook the usual meat in juice with mushroom sauce and duchess potatoes hahaha a Christmas classic (maybe I’ll change the potatoes for normal ones)”. He said cote lopez in their stories, thinking of a typical dish that the whole family usually likes.

Every Christmas the Coté López family usually share a dinner and exchange gifts like any other family. During this coming weekend, surely the same thing will happen, especially when your husband Luis Jimenez just became a grandfather. And by marriage, Coté López at 34 years old, grandmother. Yes, just as you read it, Luis’s son from his first marriage, Diego, who is 19 years old, has just been a father. Congratulations, the López family has grown for this Christmas.