Coté López welcomes OnlyFans with the micro bikini loincloth trend

cote lopez He is undoubtedly a multifaceted personality. In addition to acting, being an influencer and a businesswoman, the 34-year-old blonde is also a writer since she has several books on the market. ‘Explicit’ “is a mix. It brings romance, drugs, alcohol, lust, sex, humor ”she has told her on her social networks.

“Only for this weekend! For the purchase of the Explicit book on the web or in stores, you get a CLO bookmark as a gift and autographed by our queen” they announced on the Coté networks, which caused sales of the book to explode once again. Besides Cote He uses his networks to share humor and looks with his followers.

Coté López from the pool. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm

“Three days ago my mom was taking a picture of me and she says: “but give me another pose, always the same” and I shamelessly say to her: cuaaaaaaaand hahahaha. Moral: moms are always right” wrote the influencer in instagram along with a video of dozens of photographs where he shows that he always poses with his back turned.

Coté López in the solarium. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm

This past Saturday, Cote He posted a photo and a video titled “Adiós veranito…”. The makeup businesswoman posed from the pool with a magenta loincloth micro-bikini that is trending. In the stories of the camera network, Luis Jiménez’s wife also published images with the same look and an unexpected announcement.

Coté López joked with OnlyFans. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm

“Now! I decided… I opened it” he wrote and added a link to an account onlyfans. But when his followers opened it, it was a simple joke cote lopez since it was not the link of the adult platform but the link sent to the website of his Louis Antoine clothing and accessories store.