Cottarelli resigns from the Senate: “Schlein has moved the Democratic Party to the left”

The Democratic Party senator will leave his post at Palazzo Madama this week. Yesterday, at Che tempo che fa on Rai 3, he announced his decision which comes a few months after his first election in Parliament

Carlo Cottarelli announced his resignation yesterday, on Che tempo che fa on Rai 3. The decision is due to a distance from the party, increased after the election of Elly Schlein. The Third Pole had offered him to change the parliamentary group, “but it seems more correct to me to resign”. The senator of the Democratic Party will give way to the first unelected, Cristina Tajani. Cottarelli leaves office following a job offer at the University. “Two things made it easier to accept the proposal made to me by the Catholic University”, he wrote. Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, he clarified that the election of Elly Schlein as leader of the party has moved the Democratic Party “further away from the liberal-democratic ideas in which I believe”, said the senator, who clarified: “I have great respect for Elly Schlein and I don’t think you’re wrong to move the Pd to the left. The choice in the primaries was clear and the polls reward it. A Pd more to the left can send a clearer message to the voters, which is essential for a political party”.

“I sent a Whatsapp to everyone”

Cottarelli said he saw Schlein before announcing his decision. “I met her on Tuesday, she tried to convince me to stay. Then I saw the group leader of the Senate Francesco Boccia to whom I explained the reasons for my decision Enrico Letta. I’ve tried to warn people as much as possible. Then I sent everyone a Whatsapp”. Cottarelli also said he had received an offer to change parliamentary group instead of resigning, suggesting that this had come from the former Third pole of Action and Italia viva. It would have been a passage like that of the deputy Enrico Borghi, who left the Democratic Party to enter Italy alive. But for Cottarelli “it would not be right, also because I was elected with the proportional system and therefore without a direct choice on my name by the voters. The first of the unelected will replace me without losing seats for the Democratic Party. It seems to me the most correct choice “.