Couldn’t take it: Kendall Jenner urinated in her truck on her way to the Met Gala

The Met Gala It’s the most glamorous and prestigious night in fashion, but the start of the 2022 gala of kendall jenner it was anything but fabulous. In the episode of November 17, The Kardashians , Kendall urinated in an ice bucket in his truck on the way to the Met Galaand the images were displayed on the screen.

After having a brief panic attack, the model said she needed to drink some water and pee, which would be difficult with the great volume of her Prada dress . But when his team noticed an ice cube, all bets were off.

“That’s very mortifying for whoever has to deal with my urine later, I’m so sorry.”, said. Fortunately, his team took it in stride.

“Can we sell it?” they asked jokingly. Kendall then motioned for someone to turn on music so they wouldn’t hear the sound of her peeing. “This is happening guys, this is so mortifying”scream. “Don’t judge me, I love you all. I’m going to cry.”

The model apologized to Prada for urinating on her custom couture creation, which made things a bit messy. “This is so bad I can’t.”said. Prada, I’m so sorry. She’s all over my underwear, but who cares? There is urine on my feet. It’s a funny story that’s on my foot.”

In his confessional, Kendall he said peeing in the van was “Best decision I’ve ever made”considering that he would not have been able to go to the bathroom at the event.

“I don’t know what I would have done when I walked in”, said. The model went on to detail how she gets panic attacks, explaining that they come and go without warning.

Besides being completely out of breath, thinking I was missing the rug, I think I started to panic and just needed air. The weirdest part about anxiety or panic attacks is that sometimes they come to me. There’s no rhyme or reason, I didn’t invite it, it just happens.”