Coup in Niger, Ecowas countries mobilize military intervention force

The decision during the summit underway in Abuja. But the priority is to restore order using peaceful means

Ecowas has given instructions to its military leaders so that put together an intervention force “immediately”. for a possible deployment in Niger. At the end of the summit in the Nigerian capital, Omar Touray, president of the Ecowas Commission said that at stake after the military coup is the restoration of constitutional order. The international community, he said, “leaves every option open”. However, the priority is to restore order using peaceful means.

Immediate mobilization does not coincide with immediate intervention, underlines ‘Jeune Afrique’. At the moment, there is nothing to say that Ecowas renounces the diplomatic routedespite the fact that the mediations attempted so far have not tempted the coup leaders.

The legal contours of an armed intervention by Ecowas should also be clarified. The organization must first obtain approval from the African Union to deploy, stressed an inside source quoted by Jeune Afrique. The green light from the UN Security Council may also be necessary.

The coup in Niger “represents a threat to the entire West African region” and it is our duty “to take all possible avenues to ensure a speedy return to constitutional order” in the country, said the Nigerian president and current president of Ecowas, Bola Tinubu, at the opening of the Abuja summit.

According to reports from al Jazeera quoting sources close to one of the mediation missions, the coup plotters would like sanctions to be eased to facilitate the influx of medicines and supplies and restoring the functioning of the electricity network.

Tinubu called it essential to promote dialogue and try “all diplomatic avenues” and “vital” to give priority to “negotiations” and to involve “all parties, including coup leaders”.

“Today’s summit offers an important opportunity to carefully evaluate the progress made since our last meeting. It is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of our interventions”, he added.

“If we remain steadfast in our adherence to the principles of democracy, good governance and the rule of law, we can restore peace, stability and prosperity to the Republic of Niger.”