Coup in Niger, reinforcements sent towards the border with Nigeria and Benin

Mali and Burkina Faso delegation in Niamey for “solidarity” with the putschists. Ecowas ultimatum expired. Sources: “More time is needed to prepare military intervention”

Nigerien troops have left the capital Niamey to head towards the border with Nigeria and Benin. This was reported by the ‘Sahel Intel’ portal, while the ultimatum of the ECOWAS countries has expired, which have threatened military intervention in Niger if the coup plotters do not reinstate the ousted president, Mohamed Bazoum, in his place.

Meanwhile, a joint delegation from Mali and Burkina Faso has arrived in Niamey to express “solidarity” with the putschists. The local media reported it, quoting the Malian authorities, according to which this mission is being held to “testify the solidarity of the two countries to the brotherly people of Niger”.

After the expiry of the ultimatum launched to the coup plotters to release the head of state, military sources from Ecowas stressed to the Wall Street Journal that further time is needed by African states that intend to forcibly resettle President Bazoum.

“We have to build up our forces before participating in such a military operation. The success of any military operation depends on good preparation,” said a high-ranking commander of one of the ECOWAS member states.

The bloc of West African countries, which has not yet issued an official statement after the expiry of the seven-day ultimatum imposed on the junta, is expected to grant a one-week extension.