Covkill, the green sanitation that cuts costs and times

Ultraviolet rays that allow the sanitization of the air and exposed surfaces, without any type of chemical activity. It is called Covkill and is “a new patented technology, which allows you to eliminate all pathogenic forms, viruses, bacteria and so on, including Covid, without any damage to the environment and with extreme precision”, as Paolo explains to Sky TG24. Angelucci COO of Fisiocomputer.

How Covkill Works

Covkill is able to calculate the time and power required to eliminate a certain type of virus, based on the conditions and size of the environment: it takes, for example, about five minutes to sanitize a medium-sized hotel room and three minutes for an ambulance. Costs are also reduced, reduced to a minimum both in terms of consumption and maintenance. “Ultraviolet light deactivates molecular chains, because it breaks them – explains Angelucci – So it can be used to inhibit the spread of any pathogen. It has already been used for many decades to sanitize drinking water, it not only acts against bacteria, but also against viruses, fungi, algae. A technology that was born on the impulse of Covid, but which is applicable to any type of sanitation, as long as the sanitation times are known about that object and pathogen to be sanitized “. The system automatically sets the necessary values, signals the presence of people in the room and detects any residual ozone in the air.

Covkill’s strengths

Among the strengths of Covkill there is certainly the ability to adapt to various contexts. Already in use at the Aerospace Medicine Center of the Air Force, it can be installed anywhere, from elevators to ambulances and even in ship cabins, where sanitation can be scheduled in the absence of passengers. A technology created to combat Covid, but also designed for the post-pandemic and for prevention. And the funds, raised thanks to a campaign on CrowdFundMe, will be used to finance new research and development projects.