Cozzoli meets Tuscany Region and mayors: “We want to grow sport in the territories”

A meeting to present the projects and activities on the Tuscan territory, and evaluate the opportunities for development of sports facilities offered by the Pnrr. This afternoon, at the “Al Duomo” Auditorium in Florence, the president and CEO of Sport e Salute SpA, Vito Cozzoli, met the president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani, and the Tuscan mayors, presenting all the Company’s initiatives, which for the state promotes sport and healthy lifestyles. From “Sport for all – Neighborhoods and Inclusion”, which initiated 150 thousand children and adults to physical activity, to “Sports in the parks” with over 600 outdoor equipped areas in Italian municipalities and “Scuola Attiva”, which allowed the inclusion of two hours of old physical education in elementary school for 1.5 million pupils.

“Sport and Health is in the territories that want to be known, work and operate with local authorities and associations, be close to sportsmen of all levels – said Vito Cozzoli -. It doesn’t matter how small or how big the reality is. Together with you, we want the NRR to be the Marshall plan for sport, an opportunity for relaunching, for new facilities, for sustainability ”.

“This is – explained the president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani – an important opportunity for the local authorities of Tuscany. We are so aware of the need to adapt sports facilities to the maximum, that we have decided to add regional funding of an additional 17.6 million euros to national funds. Because the practice of sporting activity, at every level, takes place better if the facilities available are modern and adequate. And often the existing ones are not. Therefore, today, with the publication of the relative announcements, a work at the fast pace foreseen by the NRP starts, for this powerful rejuvenation work to the benefit of the clubs and athletes “. Also attended by the president of Anci Toscana Matteo Biffoni, the president of Coni Toscana, Simone Cardullo, the president of the third health council commission of the regional council, Enrico Sostegni, and the president of the Italian Paralympic Committee (Cip), Toscana Massimo Porciani.