Crac Rishi Sunak, the British premier lost 500 thousand pounds a day during 2022

Sunak in the last year would have lost about 500 thousand pounds a day. The figure on the British premier emerges from the Rich List of the Sunday Times, the annual ranking of the richest in the United Kingdom: the fortune of the premier and his wife, Akshata Murty, fell in twelve months from 690 million to 529 million pounds, with a loss of over 160 million. The pair were overtaken by King Charles III, who is worth £600million. Sunak and Murty live with their two daughters in a five-bedroom house in Kensington, one of the most expensive districts of London, valued at around 8 million euros, to which must be added an apartment nearby where they host friends and family. Another property they own is a Georgian manor house in Yorkshire, bought in 2015, which with its tennis court, swimming pool and gym is worth over £2m.

Infosys corporate shares

The reason for the Sunaks’ losses lies in the fact that a good chunk of their fortune is constituted by the shareholding that Akshata holds in Infosys, the Indian technology company of her father, who is a multi-billionaire among the richest in India: well , those shares have depreciated sharply over the past year, causing Sunak to lose more than £200m (although Akshata’s package is still worth nearly half a billion pounds).