Craxi: “Medvedev? Inadmissible and misplaced remarks”

The president of the Senate Foreign Affairs Commission: “Sign of a disturbed personality. They don’t even deserve an answer”

“For some time Medvedev has been making such utterances, I believe they are inadmissible, totally out of place and a sign of a disturbed personality. They do not even deserve an answer”. He tells the Adnkronos Stefania Craxipresident of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Senate, of Forza Italia.

“Are we Putin’s friends? I dream of a left that campaigns on content”, he continues, responding to those who, like House colleague Piero Fassino, speak of “Putin’s friend candidates”.

“Everyone in Europe in recent years – explains Craxi – has hoped to involve Russia in a process of European integration, from Prodi to Berlusconi. We would all be wrong, but the center-right has given a final and definitive condemnation of Putin, and has reiterated over and over again the most position, of a force that looks to Europe, and that wants an Atlanticism of reason, without hesitation and subordination. The rest are instrumental polemics “.

“Let the left say what your idea of ​​Italy and Europe is, we have been saying it for some time”, concludes the senator