Cremona celebrates its Tigre with 80Voglia di Mina, among the guests Giulia Mei: the playlist

Who knows if before going on that stage he will ask for help from Santa Rosalia. But regardless Giulia Mei, who dedicated her most recent single to the Sicilian Saint, an exciting ballad that is a declaration of love from a Palermo woman to her city, is among the most deserving artists to participate in the tribute evening that Cremona has organized for his Tigre: an appointment with 80 Desire for Mina, the celebratory show dedicated to his career, is Thursday 9 December at the Ponchielli Theater. On stage, in addition to Giulia, Nek, Audio 2 and Frankie hi-nrg mc, Erica Boschiero, Roberta Giallo, Giua, Giada Mercandelli, Susanna Parigi, Giuseppina Torre and Greta Zuccoli will present themselves. The artists will be accompanied by the musicians Davide Tagliapietra (electric and acoustic guitars), Manuel Boni (electric and acoustic guitars), Linda Pinelli (bass), Andrea Polidori (drums), Riccardo Sasso (piano and keyboards) and the Ensemble of the Orchestra Italian Philharmonic, consisting of 4 first violins, 3 second violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos and 1 double bass. Giulia Mei he chose to interpret As You Want Me And Today it is Me.

As you want me

When I was a child, there was no singing contest I entered where I didn’t count Like you me do you want, was my workhorse. I sang it in Sicilian afternoons in front of the mirror with the typical microphone / brush capable of opening stages and audiences unmatched in reality. It was in my little room that in front of the largest and most warm audience possible, in the most beautiful theater in the world, I discovered my sensuality and femininity at the rhythm of I am as you want me / and I love you as I do not have

loved ever, imagining to dedicate it to the lover on duty. Replaying it in this frame will therefore be doubly exciting for me, a great little revenge for the woman I’m on little girl I was.

Today it’s me

Who hasn’t dreamed of yelling this song in someone’s face? Who has never heard of this wonderful love letter from Alex Britti? Given that I love his version, because it is heartfelt and authentic, I also love the tigerish touch that Mina (and who better than her) has added to the song with her interpretation. He was able to pick up that desire to scream, to have his say, to be seen and say “here I am, today I am” and coagulate it in an interpretation that is more than good the first that we all have in mind, and who has not never seen that video remedies right away! This is the second song that I will have the honor of singing on Thursday and I hope to be able to convey at least half of the carousel of emotions that arouses me.

Carried away

One of my favorite “end love” songs. I love the clarity with which Mina interprets the awareness of a woman who knows she has reached the end of a sentimental relationship, of not being able to save the unsavable. I listened to this song a thousand times, if necessary, or when I felt I needed that determination and that anger to say enough and close its doors with toxic people and situations and to take back what I deserved and that belonged to me.

Even a man

It is one of the songs that I would have liked to sing at the Ponchielli Theater, perhaps my favorite of Mina. The point of view of this passage is unprecedented and I do not know many others that tell in such a naked and crude way the sense of resignation and helplessness of an adult woman who confronts a younger woman, but does not do it in war, he does it in peace, like a mother talking to a daughter, and telling her to be on her guard: “My girl, you are beautiful and young, but you will pay for everything you get”. This

piece makes me shiver, it is not easy to talk about loneliness and resignation in such a vivid and poignant way. I love it.

Great Great Great

When I started playing live I was a piano bar, and this piece could never be missing in my lineup. It is an important style and technique lesson for anyone who approaches singing, at least it was for me, and I always sang it with the sweetness of a very young woman, and with a 64-tooth smile, so every time I listen to it again. this song those moments come to mind there and I think back to my first steps in the world of music. If I had to describe it in one word, I would say:


You burst into my heart

This is another of the songs that I listened to dreamily as a child. Whenever I happened to have a crush on someone, I imagined telling him all my feelings by singing this song to him. It is my song of falling in love, of the love at first sight a bit like a movie that we like so much, the song of irrecoverable romantics who, like me, communicate through songs and say “listen to this song” and then anxiously wait to hear the reaction of the dedicatee. You burst into my heart and the song of those who have a heart that bursts often, perhaps too often.


I love the sensuality of this song and how Mina gets involved to send an important message and do it as a free woman, outspoken; undress me if you want, and I will be the first to do it for you, but never think you have my soul just because you had my body, don’t think you saw me just because I took off my clothes, there is much more to to see, and that few can see, those few who really know how to look deeply. Pungent and iconic as always, Mina gives a lesson in style and life, which gives a breath of fresh air to a

period of Italian music, where it was not so common and obvious for women to talk about their body with such ease and serenity, with pride and without guilt. So it’s up to her.

My love

The song of mature, lived, cultivated love that every now and then needs to recognize itself and to promise itself to be. Battisti’s pen through Mina’s voice is enough by itself without the need to add anything else, I find this piece to be one of the most beautiful love songs in Italian music. I imagine this song as the soundtrack of a dance infinite, or an infinite embrace.

Desperate love (with Lucio Dalla)

Definitely one of the songs of my life, listened to and consumed in the head. The communicative power of this song, the arrangement, the two voices together by Dalla and Mina really take your breath away: “Love that resists and if God exists you will find yourself there”, is a verse that breaks my heart.

The important thing is to finish
The sexiest song ever is from 1975, and who could sing it if not her? The important thing is to be then transformed into a finish is the demonstration of how we can talk about sex and intercourse while maintaining the elegance of a queen, who is precisely this Mina in this song, a queen.