Cricca, in Sbagliato, tells the story of two people who talk to each other at a distance

Is titled Wrong (Columbia Records/Sony Music Italy) the new single by Clique, a young artist who the public knew and loved at the Amici 22 school, where he was the protagonist of the final phase, coming fourth among the singers. The song will be out on all digital platforms and on the radio from Friday 15 December.

In Wrong, Clique tells of a long-distance relationship, in which you act as a filter

emotions is often the mobile screen, through messages and video calls. There

Distance, at times, can trigger dynamics that make you uncertain and confused, leading you to question the path to take, especially when you find yourself dealing with someone who, instead, appears stronger and more decisive in relation to your own path. In the text, Cricca traces the contours of a relationship that often made him feel wrong, while the person with whom he lived this story played at feeling strong, hiding his fragility. The song contains a reference to the famous debut single “Pop Porno” by the duo “Il Genio”, a national popular hit of 2008. Furthermore, the video for “Pop Porno” is shot in a from billiards, a tribute also taken up in the cover of Cricca’s “Sbagliato”.