Crimea Bridge, NYT: “007 Ukraine behind explosion”

Kiev intelligence orchestrated the attack using a truck bomb

Ukrainian intelligence played a decisive role in the explosion that hit the Kerch bridge, which connects Crimea to Russia, causing a fire on the infrastructure. This was reported by a Ukrainian official to the New York Times, confirming the claims of Russia. According to the source, who remained anonymous due to the government’s ban on talking about the explosion, the 007s in Kiev orchestrated the explosion, using a truck-bomb driven across the bridge.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Transport announces that it currently regulates rail traffic along the bridge. “Currently, long-distance freight and passenger trains move along the Crimean bridge according to the standard timetable”, reads the note specifying that passenger traffic along the suburban lines will be restored at 7pm (6pm in Italy). .

Meanwhile, Dmitry Peskov’s message arrives from Moscow. Stopping the purchase of Russian gas will have “disastrous consequences” for the European economy in the next 10-20 years, says the Kremlin spokesman in an interview with the ‘Moscow program. Kremlin. Putin ‘broadcast on Russia channel 1.

“Europeans keep repeating like a mantra that it is necessary to get rid of dependence on Russia for energy resources, oil and gas,” says Peskov, according to which the fact that Russia and Europe had mutual interests, one in selling gas the other to buy it, he kept relations in “balance”, while now the Americans are “rubbing their hands”.

According to the spokesperson, the United States “makes a lot of money because it sells gasoline at prices 3-4 times more expensive than we could. And Europeans are paying, thus depriving their economy of competitiveness. Production is dying. Deindustrialization. it is coming. All this, and probably in the next 10-20 years at least, will have disastrous consequences for Europe “.