Crisis between Prince Harry and Meghan, rumors of divorce arrive from the English press

Air of crisis in the royal family. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, according to several sources close to the couple, could be headed for divorce. A complex and messy separation according to the rumors that have circulated in recent weeks and which, as reported by Sky News, would also have been confirmed by the former royal butler.

The ex-butler: ‘Harry will return to Britain’

Paul Burrell is the man who served Princess Diana as butler until her death and who then remained close to the family and Prince Harry until at least 2003, the year of publication of his book on the royals. “I’ve always been worried about Harry-he commented to GB News-and am I perhaps the only person in Britain who thinks that the prince has finally opened his eyes to the truth? About what his wife is doing, about being brainwashed? We all know it but he doesn’t seem to see it.” The former butler also speculated that Prince Harry is holding the marriage together just so he doesn’t miss out on seeing his children grow up. “But I have no doubts – he added – that when it happens, because we all know it will happen, he will return to Great Britain”.

The rumors about the separation

According to what was reported by the tabloids, the two would be guided by different ambitions that led them to move away. Other rumors speak of a luxury resort that would have been rented by Harry in Montecito, a town not far from where the royal couple have their residence. According to Sky News, the prince would have contacted divorce lawyers a few months ago. Rumors and gossip chase each other between confirmations and denials. The sure thing is that Harry and Meghan are experiencing a moment of crisis that has also led them to let the fifth wedding anniversary go unnoticed, which occurs on May 19th.