Crisis Juve and Allegri, Cobolli Gigli: “It’s up to Agnelli to manage”

“I would go ahead with the coach, but the fans must also be listened to: there will be showdowns”

The one against Monza for Juventus “was a burning defeat. Now we need a club that has the authority to take the situation in hand and manage it: but I don’t know if there is this authority within the club”. Former Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli tells Adnkronos. “Last week the engineer Elkann – he continues – expressed his confidence in his cousin, Andrea Agnelli. And then he must be the one to manage the crisis, he is the person who embodies the corporate authority and is a member of the owner family. of the majority of the club “.

While “changing coach is always the simplest solution. For example Monza did it. We too can aim for others, such as a Mihajlovic-style coach, a man who has always shown great character and capable of shaking up the team. . But I think it’s the last decision to make, then talking about money is ridiculous, but we need a high-level coach for Juve and now they are all busy. I would continue to insist with Allegri, but there will be showdown time, sooner or later”.

The only consolation for now, he continues, is that “there is a week of peace and quiet, you can find time to reflect. But it is clear that most of the fans point the finger at the coach when things go wrong. and the voice of the fans must also be heard “.

As for the reason for the Juventus crisis, “if I knew I would be lucky, few can understand. My memory is of a pugnacious team even in my period. Even going to Serie B, the players immediately expressed the will to do everything to return to A, and we did it in advance even with the penalty of 9 points. This now seems that there is not, and perhaps there is also some lack of understanding among some players. The famous elders are no longer there, it has remained only Bonucci and perhaps not enough to give the team serenity “.