Crisostomo (Enel): “This is how we have been giving energy to Italians for 60 years”

“We have started the energy transition but now we need correct management also on the part of citizens”

What Enel is celebrating “is an important anniversary, given that it comes at a particular moment in terms of energy discourse for the country, especially if we consider what Enel has done for Italy in the last sixty years and what promises to do for the next sixty”. Like this Michele Crisostomo, President of Enelon the sidelines of the party held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome for the 60th anniversary of the institution’s foundation.

The anniversary also allows us to present a balance sheet on a historical level: “We have created a structure capable of bringing electricity to the homes of Italians in the period of the economic boom – Chrysostom continued – up to the most recent years where Enel has kicked off the country’s ecological transition”.

2022 is then seen as a crucial year, given that it brought the energy crisis: “The historical period referring to this last year has made us understand once again how the country should deal towards an energy transition, managing to build the technological prerequisites for a different paradigm, which breaks with what we have seen in the last twenty. We must accelerate, thinking about the mad volatility of prices referring to fossil fuels: the sustainable process must free us from the storm we experienced this year, learning many things on our skin”.

Space also to focus on the so-called “energy mix”: “Today we are already ahead with the energy supply from renewable sources, which stands at about 35% – adds the President – If we manage to end the trend reversal, leaving fossil sources at 30% and by acting for the vast majority on renewable ones, we would ensure the next generations a sustainable future both from an environmental and cost point of view”.

An opportunity, at the Parco della Musica Auditorium, to embrace the Accademia di Santa Cecilia: “Enel is close to the country’s cultural institutions. Let’s take the musical tradition and try to look to the past to aim for the future. In 2003 we were among the founding members of the Accademia Santa Cecilia and we love to celebrate every birthday together with the Junior Orchestra”.

In closing, a message of hope for the citizens: “We must all try to think about it a correct way to manage the electricity in your home. We have discovered a thrifty approach from many within this year that is ending. Electricity is a precious thing and the hope is to have a reasoning that leads families to consider renewable sources a method of sustenance and savings already starting from the present”.