Cristián de la Fuente took the winners of a BINGO for a helicopter ride

The actor Cristian de la Fuente, made three women happy this weekend, when he fulfilled his promise to take a helicopter flight over Santiago, together with the winners of a solidarity bingo. The award had been announced to raise funds in aid of Cristina Cofre Nuneza neighbor of quillota who suffers the disease Huntington’s.

De la Fuente, who has a pilot’s license, waited for the winners at the Abel Guerrero school in San Pedro, and together they took off on a sunny day. Patricia Ledezma, one of the winners, commented on the experience: “The trip was very nice and Cristián was a very gentleman. Everything went very well, we arrived very happy from Santiago. It was a new experience.”

The award, which was carried out through TikTok by the user Sandra Saavedra, generated a lot of expectation in the community and received the support of the Chilean actor, who not only gave them the helicopter ride, but also paid for the ground transfer from Quillota to Santiago for the lucky three.

The initiative was carried out in aid of a neighbor from Quillota who suffers from Huntington’s disease, an inherited condition that generates the degeneration of neurons, which produces a progressive appearance of psychiatric symptoms and others related to movement and thought .

Cristián de la Fuente, in an interview with El Observador, commented: “I thought it was something different and novel, since many people have not flown in a helicopter and it is something that attracts attention; more than donating something than material.”