Cristián de la Fuente’s unexpected confession that could predict a reconciliation with Angélica Castro

The actor Christian de la Fuente The 49-year-old was in the media spotlight last year because a clip circulated in which he was seen kissing a woman in Mexico who was not his wife. angelica castro. This brought her problems at the family level and her marriage dissolved.

Christian de la Fuente He said that it was a stupid thing he did while drunk and he was very sorry for the estrangement with his wife angelica castro. Now the artist is about to launch the series ‘Amores que engaña’ that will be broadcast on the Lifetime channel and will appear in the episode called “Perfect Family”.

In a recent interview with Cecilia Gutiérrez, the actor Christian de la Fuente commented: “These are stories of women who are deceived, violated in different ways and talk about female empowerment. The role of Cristian de la Fuente He is a man who exercises economic violence against his wife.”

Cristian de la Fuente and Angelica Castro. Source: Terra archive

In this situation, Christian de la Fuente He was asked about the relationship with women and stated: “I am a fan of women, the women I love the most in life are my mother, Angélica, Laura, my manager is a woman, my agent is a woman, everyone is a woman, so I am surrounded by women”.

Cristian de la Fuente. Source: Terra archive

Finally Christian de la Fuente hinted that he hopes to rebuild his marriage with angelica castro 8 months after that estrangement with the mother of his daughter Laura and said: “They take care of me and love me, but I love being able to give them the place they need and deserve.”