Cristiano Iovino tells his truth about Ilary Blasi: what emerged

After the rumors and indiscretions, Cristiano Iovino wanted to tell the truth about Ilary Blasi: what emerged from his words

The statements released by Francesco Totti in recent weeks regarding the reasons that would have led the former football player and the former tissue to separate, have certainly caused a lot of media hype.

Cristiano Iovino talks about the relationship with Ilary Blasi (Credits: Instagram)

On the other hand, only a few months ago, the whole of Italy learned that the historic couple, acclaimed by the public for years, has ceased to be a couple. To bind Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi in recent months have unfortunately only been legal issues related to separation. There were several statements but also the indiscretions that emerged regarding both. And if for Francesco Totti it is now true that the former footballer has another woman at his side, there have been several rumors that Ilary Blasi would have seen close to other men, according to what the former Roma captain would have told in his interview with Corriere della Sera. Among the names that emerged, there would also be that of the personal trainer Cristiano Iovino. In this regard, the young man then wanted to release his version of the facts to explain how things were.

Cristiano Iovino, the truth about Ilary Blasi: what he did know

Despite the rumors emerged in his regard, Ilary Blasi he wanted to keep confidential and preferred not to express himself except through his lawyers who have made it known that the woman will only act in defense and protection of her children. For the rest, Ilary Blasi did not react to any provocation against her, not even to the strongest ones of her now ex-husband. But to take stock of the situation, and to answer how many rumors emerged regarding her and those of Ilary Blasi, it was Cristiano Iovino.

The influencer and instructor wanted to have his say truth about the relationship with Ilary Blasi. The recent rumors spoke of a certain closeness between the two. But in this regard, Cristiano Iovino he wanted to specify through a press release that what emerged is not the result of a truth.

With regard to the articles released in recent days by the press, Mr. Cristiano Iovino invites all information operators not to give any credit to those who point to him through false and instrumental reconstructions, as the protagonist of events from which he is completely unrelated “.

christian iovino ilary blasi
Cristiano Iovino on Ilary Blasi (Credits: Instagram)

He also specified that the acquaintance with Ilary Blasi is the result of mutual friends, including his agent Graziella Lopedota. In any case, with these words, Cristiano Iovino wanted to get out of the indiscreet news that emerged in recent times that they would have liked to see him as one of the protagonists of the story.