Cristiano Malgioglio defends John Travolta: “But what trash? Ironic and hilarious”

“Great festival, for me on the podium Angelina Mango, Annalisa and Ghali are not to be underestimated”

“I want to defend John Travolta to the hilt. We are faced with a powerful and extraordinary actor, known throughout the world, who lends himself to playing with great irony. I found him stupendous, wonderful, and I don’t understand his attitude. many people, and not even the resonance abroad”. This was stated to Adnkronos by Cristiano Malgioglio, who thus intervenes in the storm that broke out after the American actor’s performance on the Ariston stage on Wednesday evening, criticized by many on social media and in the media.

“Irony is the most important thing, Amadeus and Fiorello did well and it was a number that was a lot of fun – says the musical author – Travolta will always remain great, no matter what anyone says”. Malgioglio recalls other cases, one of which concerns Travolta himself: “When he came to Sanremo he had his feet massaged by Victoria Cabello, what was that? But no one had said anything. And about Antonio Banderas, an extraordinary actor, who spoke with a hen no one had said absolutely anything, and it was much sadder”, says Malgioglio.

The sketch performed by Fiorello, Amadeus and Travolta “was hilarious – continues Malgioglio – While instead I found Russell Crowe’s the following evening, a performance that didn’t give me any emotion”. Malgioglio also comments on the festival with Adnkronos. “Great, Amadeus did a great thing,” says the composer. Who on the podium would see “Angelina Mango, without a doubt, has great vocal ability. Annalisa also has a very radio-friendly song but I wouldn’t underestimate Ghali, who has a piece not to be underestimated, her song is wonderful”, he concludes.