Cristiano Ronaldo offers a salary of 6,000 euros a month: here are the requirements to apply

The figures that go around Cristiano Ronaldo are really very high. The Portuguese champion is worth a real gold mine

Cristiano Ronaldo he is undoubtedly one of the strongest players of recent years. Dualism with Messi it has been a hot topic for the last decade and has split public opinion. On the one hand those who prefer the Portuguese sample, on the other there are those who adore the ‘Flea’who recently became world champion with his Argentina. They both have one thing in common, besides talent of course.

Cristiano Ronaldo during a training session (

We are referring to the large amount of money they are able to attract and move. The relevant figures CR7 are dizzying, especially after signing a very rich contract with the Saudis of theAl-Nassr. It is one of the highest contracts in the history of sport, there are very few champions able to receive such a high compensation. But that’s not all: you know how much you get to work for Cristiano Ronaldo? Probably everyone would like such a salary, the ex Golden Ball he knows how to treat his employees.

Cristiano Ronaldo offers six thousand euros a month of salary to his employees

Cristiano Ronaldo bought the most expensive villa in the Portugalworth about ten million euros. When it is finished, the building will reach a value of twenty million euros. It is found at Quinta Marinain the region of Cascais and has a breathtaking view of theAtlantic Ocean. The villa is located about thirty kilometers from Lisbon and it is in a very quiet area, inhabited by professionals and people from the show business.

Cristiano Ronaldo, mind-boggling figures for him (

The five times Golden Ball he is looking for staff and it seems that he intends to offer a lot of money to anyone who agrees to move into his luxurious villa, over 2,500 square meters large and built on three floors. The villa has a swimming pool, a large garage, gardens, tennis courts and can accommodate the entire car fleet CR7. Anyone who accepts a job will receive a salary of 6,000 euros per month.

The former star of Manchester United is looking for at least four employees, including a butler and a professional cook. The cook should work exclusively for him, renouncing any other existing job. It is precisely for this reason that Christian has decided to enhance its employees by offering creepy figures. He wants them to work only for him and stay in the villa. In fact, accommodation is also provided for all employees who will take up service in the coming months. Considering that the Portuguese champion has just signed a contract worth half a billion euros with the Arab team, it will not be a big problem to pay the salary of his new hires.